Fill in the form on our website, and our specialist will contact you and provide all the information.

The cost depends on the region and country you live in. Leave an application on our website, and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

The electrical energy consumption is 25 W, as a low energy light bulb.

You can buy them at the representatives of Soft & Sweet in your region.

The capsules are stored in refrigerators; their shelf life is 12 months.

Technically, you can use it at home, but the company is working only with entities now.

Its weight is 7.5 kg.

The machine does not need any sanitary treatment, so it is not necessary to wash it.

No documents are required.

The final product does not contact with the machine, so you will not need to make sanitary treatment or wash it. You will not need water and drainage.

There are many differences. To know these differences, go to the page of this machine and freezer comparison.

No, you don’t. Ice cream is prepared with the help of modern hi-tech equipment at the factory. It is packed in capsules for your convenience.

No special skills are required, just read the operation manual.

There is a special container for plastic recycling in every sales outlet. You can throw the used capsule in this container.

No, it is not, since the capsule has one portion, so you can fully squeeze it only once.